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Podcast – anrimeal 08: From ‘Could Divine: Remembered’ pt.2

Taken from audio documentary out last Friday via demo records and Crossness Records, Could Divine, Remembered. Track is called ‘Death Is A Burning Ritual’ and is an intensely private, almost spiritual moment of self-affirmation. Link in the icon at the top. Hope you enjoy it, Ana x

Podcast – anrimeal 07: From ‘Could Divine: Remembered’ pt.1

Taken from upcoming audio documentary out this Friday, Could Divine, Remembered refuses the limits of the traditional ‘remix album’ – sure, there are remixes here, but amongst them you’ll find demos, reflections, confessions, rituals, and the artist’s own heartbeat. The sum of these parts is an immersive audio documentary about the making of Ana’s debut. For those familiar with Could Divine, this is a chance to look behind the scenes and magnify its meticulous detail; for those unfamiliar, it allows a first visit to an abundant internal world. Link in the icon at the top. Hope you enjoy it, Ana…

Podcast – anrimeal 06: From ‘Cut Paste’

Audio from upcoming mini-film Cut Paste. Cut Paste is a self-portrait in the form of a mini-film. It came from the simple idea of cutting my hair on camera as a symbolic gesture of closure from this first album that I wrote and released. I don’t think a lot of people realise this, but creating a body of artistic work is a highly transformative experience that shapes your life like a lot of other typically life defining moments would. So this became a sort of love letter to myself and my relationship with art, and the pivotal place that it takes…

Podcast – anrimeal 05: Talking To Oneself

New episode where anrimeal does her dishes, talks to herself, hockets alone and speaks of subtraction as an artistic tool. Spotify listen icon above 🙂 Best, Ana x

Podcast episode 3

New episode about negativity. Hope you enjoy it! Ana x

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