Hailing from a rural town in England’s East Midlands, Lloyd Taylor-Clark relocated in 2020 to the former logging town of Bend, Oregon. His debut Swan Songs is a lustrous, lyrical folk record comprising nine homemade demos, informed by 60s and 70s touchstones such as Bert Jansch, Vashti Bunyan, Connie Converse, and Donovan, as well as the poetry of Louise Glück and Mary Oliver. Companionship with nature is a clear common thread running through many of his influences, both musical and literary. In Lloyd’s own writing, the birds and trees of two continents intertwine, observed from windows and preserved in memory.

anrimeal is the recording project of Ana Rita de Melo Alves; singer, songwriter, producer, poet, conjuror, clodhopper and cherub. Hailing from Porto, Ana creates and manipulates digital folk song from her current base in south London, drawing on the post-minimalist principles of texture, limitation and repetition. Lately, she can be found composing around the sound of creaking doors, percolating coffee and whispering toothbrushes, seeking and finding the magic in the domestic and humanity in the inanimate.

Felix is a Berlin-based Norwegian songwriter. His 2018 debut is a bedroom pop piece that focuses on his experience living in London for two years. He touches on themes of phone addiction and longing for meaningful relationships in today’s younger generations.

Belle Jar is a folk artist in the truest meaning of the word folk. Her desire to create comes from her desire to connect (with others and herself), and the urgency of this album is solely the urgency of participation.

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