On demo records:

“The recording project of London based Ana Rita de Melo Alves aka Anrimeal has, certainly for a while, been a clandestine affair, with Alves more content releasing the works of others on her Demo label. […] Like some of the musical essays coming out of London venue Cafe Oto’s Takuroku label, Could Divine wears its homespun colours gloriously.” – The Wire

On the anrimeal album:

“A deeply interiorised and startlingly robust album that addresses the mood of these strange times”The Wire

“Such an intriguing sound… it really gets under your skin” – John Kennedy (Radio X)

“A unique and intoxicating trip” – God Is In The TV

With its gleeful moments of cacophony and shivering frost, Could Divine is an album suited for listening in solitude, deepening in resonance each time” The Demented Goddess

“A very beautiful, textural album… intimate recordings that feel so personal. You’ll feel like you’re living inside her soul”Tim Shiel (Double J and Triple J , Australia)

“Too good for words… No one has really painted grass like Ana Alves” – Organ Zine

“What’s truly surprising is the audio design; the sounds hidden between layers that only your right or left ear hears suddenly fill the air and make it almost magical” – Revista Kuadro

“Abstract, challenging and phenomenally engineered, yet frighteningly emotive… a haunting and uniquely beautiful piece of audio” – 25 Years Later

“I instantly fell in love with this… just beautiful” – Postcards From The Underground