Re-launch of the demo records podcast!

Hi everyone 🙂

I am so so thrilled to be re-launching the demo records podcast! It’s taken me a few years to figure out how this project integrates with my life but I assure you that for all this time, I have certainly not forgotten it. It’s been a challenge to figure out what the new tone for it would be, and I believe I have settled on one that I am proud to be presenting.

Therefore, I am kicking off season 01 with an anrimeal takeover. I will be creating short audio documents of my day-to-day life, and with the exploration of this concept, I hope to later on bring other artists to share their world with me and you both. Episodes will be out on Mondays to kick off your weeks 🙂

If you know anyone who would like to be involved, please do reach out!

All the best,

Ana x

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